Holy Baptism is the basis of the whole Christian life, the gateway to life in the Spirit and the door which gives access to the other sacraments. Through Baptism we are freed from sin and reborn as sons of God; we become members of Christ, are incorporated into the Church and made sharers in her mission: "Baptism is the sacrament of regeneration through water in the word." CCC1213

Our Lord Voluntarily submitted himself to the baptism of St. John, intended for sinner, in order to "fulfill all righteousness." Jesus' gesture is a manifestation of his self-emptying. The Spirit who had hovered over the waters of the first creation descended then on the Christ as a prelude of the new creation, and the Father revealed Jesus as his "beloved Son." CCC 1224

The Lord himself affirms that Baptism is necessary for salvation. He also commands his disciples to proclaim the Gospel to all nations and to baptize them. Baptism is necessary for salvation for those to whom the Gospel has been proclaimed and who have had the possibility of asking for this sacrament. CCC1257


Sponsors for the Sacraments of Baptism must be Catholics who have been Confirmed and have already received the Sacrament of the Most Holy Eucharist and who lead a life in harmony with the Catholic Faith and the responsibilities required of a sponsor/Godparent. (Canons 874 and 893)

One sponsor, male or female is sufficient; but there may be two, one of each sex. (Canon Law 873)

Canon Law 874/2: A baptized person who belongs to a non-catholic ecclesial community may be admitted only in company with a catholic sponsor, and then simply as a witness to the baptism.


Classes at Immaculate Conception Parish are led by sponsor couples and held the 1st Saturday of each month from 5:45-7:15pm. All participants must contact the Parish Office at 886.4049 to pre-register.


"While all members of the family are called to live out the foundational Christian virtues, fathers and mothers have a special responsibility for fostering these virtues within their children. They are the first to proclaim the faith to their children. They are responsible for nurturing the vacation of each child, showing by example how to live the married life, and taking special care of a child might be called to priesthood or consecrated life." (U.S. Bishops, Pastoral Letter - Marriage, Love and Life in the Divine Plan) Found at

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