Dress Code

Dress and Appearance

Liturgical Ministers attire should express respect and reverence for the sacred Mystery that is being celebrated. Ask yourself, Does my attire express respect and reverence of the sacred mysteries about to be celebrated or does it detract from it. Our appearance should be in keeping with the minister's role and belief in the presence of Christ in the Eucharist. General Appearance, apparel and accesories worn during the Mass/Liturgy should reflect the dignity of the role of the one called upon to assist in sacred liturgy. Liturgical ministers should dress nicely and modestly.  

The following dress code has been established for all Liturgical Ministers at Immaculate Conception Parish:

                What To  Wear to Mass

                What Not To Wear to Mass

Both men and women - Please keep in mind that wearing Denim Jeans is not the preferred attire when you are scheduled to serve.