Altar Server


Altar Servers have a very important role as they assist the priest at the Holy Attar of the Lord at Sunday Mass, School Mass, Holy Day Masses, Weddings and Funeral Liturgies.  

Altar Server Requirements

Altar Server Duties

Arrival Time:  15 minutes prior to the start of Mass.  

Dress Code for all Liturgical Ministers is located on the "Dress Code" page located on the Liturgical Ministries Tab

Altar servers (boys and girls) should wear clean black or brown shoes when they are serving at Mass.  Realizing this is not always possible and it is not a reason for your child to not altar serve, but if they currently have black or brown shoes, please have them wear them when they are scheduled to altar serve.  Please know that no child will ever be turned away from the opportunity to serve Mass because of the shoes they are wearing, however, it is our hope we can instill in them the sacredness of serving at Mass. (Fr. Paul Rutten)