Lector's proclaim the Word of God at Mass and the Prayers of the Faithful.

Lector Ministry Guidelines

A lector:

  • Must be a member of Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

  • Prepares by practicing the readings of the day for the Mass they are assigned to

  • Speaks with clarity, conviction, dignity and understanding

  • Shows reverence in the procession and handling of the lectionary

  • Exudes enthusiasm, a spirit of generosity and has a good understanding of sacred scripture

  • Good Eye Contact and voice inflection

Arrival Time: 15 minutes prior to the start of Mass

Dress Code for all Liturgical Ministers is located on the "Dress Code" tab

The Readings and Prayers of the Faithful are attached below for each scheduled lector to review prior to reading at Mass

Lector Training is offered anytime. If you are interested in becoming a Lector at Daily, Weekend or Holy Day Masses, you may contact Marie Coon/Liturgy Coordinator at 605-886-4049 or by email at liturgy@icparishwatertown.org