Liturgical Ministry Weekly Schedule

Schedule Email Reminders are sent during the week to those who are scheduled for the upcoming weekend.

** For your privacy, we will not place your contact information online on our website.  A contact list may be requested through the parish office.

  •  The Original Schedule will not be changed to reflect who is subbing in for you.
  •  The Sub's name will only be reflected on the Sign in Form  in the Vesting Sacristy
  •  The Church Bulletin will always reflect the Original Completed Schedule so do not be alarmed if you see your name still on the schedule in the bulletin even after  you have found a sub for the ministries you're scheduled for.
  •  It is the responsibility of each scheduled Liturgical Minister to find coverage for themselves and/or family members.  A Contact list is available upon request to assist  you in finding coverage.  
  •  If you need to switch with someone or get a substitute, you must let the Liturgy Coordinator know who you have found for coverage.  
  •  The "Schedules at a Glance" have all the weekend schedules listed together