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    • Must be a practicing Catholic.
    • Must have the desire and enthusiasm for welcoming and greeting all people who enter the doors of our Church.
    • Must be a person who has the gift of hospitality and service.
    • Be a person who takes on this role seriously and responsibly.


    Before Mass 

    • Check in on the sign in form when you arrive to serve your scheduled Mass.
    • Only four ushers are scheduled.
    • Recruit four additional people from the congregation to help with the collection.  Get their names and write on sign in form.
    • Remain in the back of Church during Mass.
    • Assist in seating those with special needs and the elderly.

    During Mass

    Scheduled Ushers

    • Assist with Seating       Remain in the back of Church to assist latecomers with seating.
    • During Communion      Assist the Extraordinary Ministers by pointing out those who cannot make it up to Communion.  The Extraordinary                                                        Ministers may then bring Communion to them.
    • Sunday Collection        During the Profession of Faith - come to the back of Church and pick up a collection basket.
                                                             Line up at the back of Church in each aisle.

                                                             When the priest says "please be seated while the gifts are being prepared"  you will
                • Walk up to the front at the same time.
                • Genuflect or bow facing the tabernacle in the sanctuary
                • Begin to pass the basket - every other pew.
                • Once you reach the back of Church, all ushers will pour their baskets into the "One" large basket.
                • Two adult ushers will proceed with the proper process in securing the collection.
                Additional Usher Responsibilities
      • Scan the congregation before, during and after Mass for people needing assistance.
      • Crowded services may require you to retrieve extra chairs from the church hall.
      • Be available for possible needs of the celebrant during Mass.
      • Be familiar with the "Immaculate Conception Emergency  Guidelines". 

Dress Code for all Liturgical Ministers is located on the "Dress Code" page located on the Liturgical Ministries Tab

If you are interested in becoming an Usher or a Lead Usher, you may contact Marie Coon/Liturgy Coordinator at 605-886-4049 or by email liturgy@icparishwatertown.org

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