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Advent Parish Mission

What is a Parish Mission:  

A parish mission is a longing and intentional effort from a pastor to shepherd his flock in moving from our current level of spirituality to a greater height of spiritual growth.  A mission is designed to include a combination of intellectual learning, a greater understanding to the devotion of Adoration and an increased desire to reach out to others in a sense of pastoral care known as charity.  It challenges the flock to respond to Christ with a deeper ‘yes’ by participating and committing themselves to Christ to experience a renewal of heart and soul. This Advent, Immaculate Conception Church, invites you to journey with us as we prepare to enter into a season where Jesus longs to meet us as we wait for the gift of Christmas.  The Mission will help us see the gift that our Blessed Mother Mary is to each of us and how she desires only to bring us closer to her most precious Son. Join us as we step out in faith and dare to allow our hearts to be changed through what may seem like uncharted territory in where we will receive the gift of new life through our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Catholic or not, All are welcome. Who do you know that would enjoy the gift of a deeper relationship with Jesus, this Christmas?